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The decision to research your insurance options is an important step towards the adoption of a comprehensive risk management program.

At Cooley & Darling we believe there’s more to the process than just selling an insurance policy. A program must be tailored to meet specific needs. Your insurance program must adequately protect you and your organization and it must be competitively priced. Insurance coverage is not a commodity and it is certainly not the only or the most important component in a well designed program. Finally, it must be designed by a partner that’s taken the time to know you and to understand your goals. We’re just that partner.

We ask that you choose Cooley & Darling Insurance Agency to be your broker before you make the decision to buy insurance. Choose Cooley & Darling not because we can get you the lowest price, but rather the best value. Choose us because we’ll make sure you’re needs are met and your expectations exceeded.

Please call us to speak to an agent.

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Phone: 703-881-0113
Toll Free: 1-866-558-4353

Fax Andy:    703-659-0024
Fax Jeff:        703-659-0025

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1228
Haymarket, VA 20168

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Andy Cooley

Andy Cooley has served the nonprofit insurance community over the past 14 years. While attending James Madison University, Andy studied Finance and graduated Cum Laude. After graduating, Andy worked briefly with Early, Cassidy and Schilling before moving to Lighthouse Underwriters. It is at Lighthouse that Andy developed an expertise in the Nonprofit community and developed a customer base in excess of 1,000 nonprofit organizations. Andy also holds the professional designations of Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) and Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC).

When he is not working, Andy spends his time with his wife and two kids. His eight year old son, Alex, is studying to become an airbender, with the hope of being able this special powers to defeat the evil powers of dad. Alex’s five year old sister, Taylor, spends her time trying to duplicate each and every one of Alex’s feats. This leads to many bumps and bruises.

Jeff Darling

Jeff has been in the insurance business for 17 years. What’s more, he’s a 3rd generation insurance professional, so we guess you can say it’s in his blood. Weird, we know. Despite this obvious personality weakness, he’s still a pretty affable guy. He’s spent the majority of his insurance career in the underwriting ranks with companies such as AON and Chubb. He’s learned a great deal about the industry as a whole and has specialized in Audio Visual Rental & Staging companies as well as Entertainment risks such as motion picture production. Jeff holds the Certified Insurance Counselor designation (CIC) and the Certified Risk Manager (CRM).

Jeff graduated from Miami University (Sounds warm you say? Nope, it’s the one in Ohio) in May of 1993 with a Bachelors Degree in Finance. Unlike Andy, Jeff had fun in college and still managed to learn something (Cum Laude…who’s he kidding!). He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids as well as surfing and adventure racing.