New Location/Change of Address

Please contact your agent and have the following information available to expedite your request.

1. Is this an additional location or the replacement of an existing one?
2. Will you own the building or are you responsible for insuring it? If so, what is your estimate of the cost to replace the building?
What is the square footage of the space you intend to occupy? What is the square footage of the entire building?
3. What year was the building built?
4. Of what is it constructed? Wood, Brick, Cinder Block, Metal?
5. Is it equipped with alarms(burglar/fire? If so are they central station ? Monitored?
6. Is the location sprinklered?
7. Do you require additional coverage for your business personal property at this location? If so, what do you estimate the value of your property to be?
8. Describe the building surroundings? Offices? Residential? Retail? Mixture?